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They're gonna eat me alive...

if I stumble

7 April 1986
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e n i g m a ;
1. one that is puzzling, ambiguous, or inexplicable.
2. replica's fanfiction journal.

i n f o r m a t i o n ;
fandoms I have written in; gundamwing. dragonball z/gt. tenchi muyo. fushigi yuugi. digimon adventure/zero two. legend of dragoon. sonic the hedgehog. final fantasy x. tales of symphonia. tales of the abyss. final fantasy viii. csi. glee.

genres I have written in; angst. suspense. tragedy. family. romance. drama. humor. general. crime. fantasty. supernatural. hurt/comfort.

labels I have written in; self-injury. non-consensual sex. slash. het. yuri. character death. sex. violence. murder. abuse. language. drabble. ficlet. spoilers. alternate reality. incest.

p o l i c i e s ;
friending; you are welcome to friend this journal at any time if you wish. I'll friend you back no questions asked, but I don't keep up with the friendslist of this journal. it's a place for posting fanfiction, nothing else.

lock and key; as of 2011, all fic should once again be unlocked. if you find anything locked and want to read it, please leave a comment somewhere. unfinished works, story ideas, and random bits and pieces are locked. don't worry, you're not missing much.

commenting; I'm not really fond of the whole review system that's popular with fanfiction. I don't care to see reviews of any kind. therefore, comments on all fic are disabled. I can't stop you from reviewing me anywhere else, but please respect my wishes and don't hassle me on this matter here. thank you.

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